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The TerraNova is an optional, standardized test available to students each spring. It is produced by CTB/McGrawHill. Please Note: Clonlara does not require standardized testing.

What is a Standardized Test?

“Standardized” means that the test is always given and scored the same way.  The same questions are asked and the same directions are given for each test.  Specific time limits are set and each student’s performance may be compared with that of all the other students taking the same test. 

Why Take One?

  • Some state regulations require homeschooled students to take a standardized test.

  • Some students like to do so to get a sense of how they’re doing compared to students in traditional school settings.

What Does the TerraNova Test Cover?

  • For students in Grades 1–12 it tests objective/mastery in Reading/ Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

  • The Kindergarten version tests only for Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics.

How is it Administered?

The TerraNova is taken by our students at their homes and is proctered by a parent or other qualified individual. Specific guidelines, issued by CTB/McGraw-Hill, must be followed in order to administer the test.

In states or districts where tests must be given as required by law, further requirements may be in effect.  Often this involves hiring a certified teacher to proctor the test. Please make yourself aware of your school district or state regulations.

Spring Testing Schedule

February: Test orders due to Clonlara.

March: Test materials mailed out to families.

April: Completed tests due back to Clonlara and sent to CTB/McGraw-Hill for scoring.

Mid-June: CTB/McGraw-Hill sends test results to Clonlara. Copies of test results are mailed to families and placed in students' official cumulative file folders.


Please call (734) 769-4511 and ask to speak with the Registrar.


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