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"The Home Based Education Program has taught me how to teach myself and structure my time. It is my belief that what I've learned in the high school years (beyond the technical) will better prepare me for a college education than a standardized high school education would have."

Mitchell Stephenson, '09 graduate

"Our children’s home-based education has been an amazing thirteen year journey.  It would not have been possible without Clonlara and all the dedicated people who work there.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."  

Marianne Smith, Arizona

"The impact of homeschooling on me was life-changing: it inspired a joy of learning. Since I had a say and some control in the process, learning took on new meaning for me.  I discovered that learning can take place anywhere at anytime. Homeschooling was the match that lit the fire of learning in me and gave me the gift of knowing that I will always be a lifelong learner."

Maeve O'Toole, '09 graduate

"My daughter was able to tailor her learning to her strengths and interests while receiving the qualified assistance of Clonlara professionals.  She was able to intern at a local political office during the presidential campaign and earn credit for it.  She was able to begin her school day at a reasonable time and extend it into evenings and weekends when the subject matter or events called for it. She could pick and choose courses to take at the local high school when she wanted. She also worked with tutors for one-on-one instruction for more difficult courses."

Sheryl James, Michigan

"The HBEP allowed my son to have input into his classes and has given him a sense of ownership in his education. It has given him the opportunity to share his love of learning by developing and managing a tutoring program for home schooled, public schooled and local college students.  Perhaps most importantly, it has taught him to seek help when he needs it.  To me, these qualities are equally important in future successes in college and life in general."

Sheila Stephenson, Michigan


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