Conheça as questões mais frequentes relacionadas com a Clonlara e o nosso programa de aprendizagem

Campus Program (in Ann Arbor, USA - only in English)

Questions About Why to Choose Clonlara (in Ann Arbor, USA - only in English)

Why Would a student choose Clonlara?

Small class size. Friendly, inclusive environment.  Vibrant and flexible multi-age learning community.  Quality of staff time and attention.  Frequent field trips.  Holistic approach to education:  We do not limit our attention and instruction only to academic needs.  We accommodate many varieties of learning and are particularly adept with a hands-on approach.

What makes Clonlara unique among private schools?

The curriculum does not precede knowing the students: it is shaped to the needs of the learners who enroll.  And there is more time spent exploring our local environment than any other school in the area!

How many grades are there?

Our students range from age five to high school graduation, traditionally a K-12 program.  Students are grouped according to age:  Our Youngers program is comprised of students 5-10 years old; our Middles Program is students who range from 10 to 14 years old; and our Olders Program (our high school) is students age 15-18 years old.

How many staff members?

Currently, we have four teachers.  One for the Youngers program, one for the Middles program and two for the Olders program.

Questions About How the Campus School is Organized (in Ann Arbor, USA - only in English)

What is the curriculum like?

Curriculum planning begins with assessing every learner in the building. This is done on an on-going basis, including getting to know the student during the enrollment process.  Once we know skills, challenges and interests of our students, we can create a class schedule based on that information.  It includes the core academic areas: math, language arts, science and social studies.  It also reaches beyond fundamental knowledge and skills to problem solving; critical thinking; independent study work; cultural literacy, research, community service and play.  Field trips are also an important part of the Clonlara curriculum:  every student gets to know the Ann Arbor community and explore its recreational, academic and cultural resources.

Since you don’t have a separate room for every grade, how are classes divided?

By age.  Students of the same age are grouped together as Youngers, Middles and Olders for their home base.  They may, however, share the classroom with other students – the classes students take are dependent on the skills they need to develop.  This may mean a student is 10 years old and studying Algebra I – it may mean they are 15 years old and studying Pre-Algebra.  Activities that involve the whole school are regularly schedule we believe that students have a lot to teach each other.

Does Clonlara give grades and standardized tests?

Grades are given in individual classes in the Olders program and are reported at the end of each semester.  Each student, no matter the program, receives a progress report (written evaluation) at the end of each quarter.

Standardized tests are always available to you and we will make sure your student takes one or more, if you request it.  The Terra Nova (formerly the California Achievement Test) is available every May.  The PSAT, SAT and ACT are given at local Ann Arbor high schools several times a year.  Students who are applying to college need to take one of the required exams.

What kind of parental involvement do you have?

PSS (Parent, Student and Staff) meet the third Tuesday on a bi-monthly basis.  Teachers, staff, parents and students all attend.  School business, plans, dreams and needs populate every agenda.

Questions About Qualifications, Accreditations, and Diplomas (in Ann Arbor, USA - only in English)

Since you are a private school and don’t require certification for your teaching staff, what are the required qualification for teachers?

There are many requirements, but what carries the most weight is experience in non-traditional educational settings, love of kids, love of subject matter and the ability to be flexible and creative continuously.  Clonlara has teachers who are well rounded in both the philosophy and practicality of working with children and parents in the learning environment that Clonlara provides.

Is Clonlara Campus School Accredited?

Clonlara School is proud to be accredited by the following organizations:  Accreditation International (Ai), Middles States Association of Colleges and School (MSA-CESS), and the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).

Can my son or daughter earn a high school diploma from Clonlara and is it recognized by colleges?

Students are required to earn 22 credits.  Students will earn a private school diploma. This includes a distribution of the core academic areas, electives, and community service.  Students who graduate from Clonlara have gone to a host of colleges and universities, both public and private.

Questions About Daily Operations and Rules (in Ann Arbor, USA - only in English)

How long is the school day?

School starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m.

Can my child ride a bus to Clonlara?

Yes; school bus transportation to and from Clonlara can be provided for Ann Arbor students.  Call the Ann Arbor Public Schools Bus Transportation office for details.  Their telephone number is 734-994-2330.

Alternatively, the Ann Arbor Transportation stop of South Industrial of Packard is convenient.

Does Clonlara have a school nurse?

No. Each head teacher is responsible for the health and safety of their students.  Families fill out a medical protocol card upon enrollment and a school response team is created for each student requiring extra support.

Is there before and after-school care?

No. We review the situation on a case by case basis.  Older students are allowed to be in the building before and after-school, as long as they are being productive; other students we consider the circumstances.

Are students always supervised?

Adults are always present.  Children may play unsupervised on the grounds, although adults will frequently be outside when the children are and they can see the playground from the school windows.  High school students may leave the campus for lunch with prior approval from parents and as long as they are in good standing.

What about smoking, drinking and drugs?

Clonlara is a drug, tobacco and alcohol free property.  We also have a drug prevention program that emphasizes prevention, not punishment.

What rules do the student have to follow?

A.S. Neill (Summerhill) says throughout his writing that ‘freedom should not be confused with license or permissiveness.’  A student at Clonlara is free to choose and structure many of his/her own activities; however, s/he is not “free” to injure another child, either physically or emotionally.  Clonlara staff is directly involved in every incident that requires conflict resolution.  Honesty, discussion, accountability and reparations (where appropriate) are encouraged as means for solving problems.

Children who can not control violent, dangerous or disparaging behavior cannot be part of the Clonlara community.

Off-Campus Program (no Mundo - também em Português)

O Programa Off-Campus da Clonlara serve que tipo de alunos?

A Clonlara atende alunos do Pré-Escolar (K) até ao final do Ensino Médio (High School). Muitos tipos de alunos beneficiam do nosso programa, incluindo:

  • alunos motivados para desenhar o seu próprio percurso educativo
  • alunos que percebem que o sistema escolar tradicional não é o acertado para eles, por variadas razões
  • alunos avançados em uma ou mais áreas de estudo
  • alunos que aprendem de forma não-tradicional
  • alunos com necessidades especiais como dislexia, autismo, TDAH
  • alunos que perseguem seriamente interesses nas artes, música ou esporte
  • alunos que viajam muito e precisam de uma educação “portátil”
  • alunos que querem fazer faculdade e os que não querem fazer faculdade
  • alunos que precisam de recuperar o tempo perdido devido a doença, problemas de aprendizagem ou outras razões
  • alunos com altas habilidades que querem estudar em profundidade um assunto do seu especial interesse
  • alunos que estão passam por problemas de saúde que os impedem de frequentar a escola
  • alunos que se interessam por oportunidades de aprendizagem ao seu ritmo e ao seu gosto.

Quão bem são os alunos da Clonlara preparados para serem bem-sucedidos?

Os alunos da Clonlara aprendem a criar e a conduzir o seu plano educativo de forma independente, com orientação das suas famílias e do seu orientador educativo. Eles beneficiam de experiências várias e de situações de aprendizagem ativa que conseguem ter graças a serem alunos Clonlara. Quando terminarem os seus estudos na Clonlara School, eles saberão como tomar as rédeas da sua própria educação e, no processo, eles terão aprendido como aprender. Os alunos já formados pela Clonlara foram aceites em várias faculdades e universidades de prestígio (veja lista na seguinte página: http://www.clonlara.org/about-us/), programas técnicos e vocacionais e por uma grande variedade de empregadores.

Qual é o currículo que seguem?

Nós não temos um currículo específico, apesar de os Orientadores fazerem recomendações de recursos. Isto permite que cada aluno e família desenvolva um plano individualizado. Os nossos Orientadores ajudam os alunos e as suas famílias a desenhar um currículo personalizado de acordo com os seus objetivos, ao mesmo tempo permitindo flexibilidade e tempo para perseguirem as suas paixões.

Acreditamos que criar um currículo deve se enquadrar com o estilo de aprendizagem do aluno, os seus interesses e objetivos. Os alunos podem querer avançar mais rapidamente numa área de estudo ou aprofundar mais outra; com a Clonlara, eles podem progredir tanto quanto forem capazes, sem ficarem presos a matérias por ano de escolaridade.

Os alunos podem precisar de mais tempo numa certa área de estudos e avançar num ritmo mais lento ou passar de leve; isto é possível, também. Os alunos podem viajar, imergir-se num assunto do qual gostem bastante ou dedicar-se às artes, esporte e empreendedorismo, entre outros interesses, enquanto continuam a avançar no seu percurso educativo. Alunos do Ensino Médio (High School) podem ganhar créditos no sentido de obter o seu diploma fazendo aquilo de que gostam.

Nós acreditamos que a aprendizagem acontece de muitas formas diferentes. Os nossos alunos aprendem em espetáculos, visitas a museus ou enquanto entrevistam membros da comunidade. Eles podem estudar como aprendizes, fazer um curso online, usar livros, websites, palestras e materiais audio e video, e criar as suas próprias obras.

Como funciona o Programa Off-Campus?

Uma vez matriculado o aluno, é atribuído um Orientador à família. Alunos e pais trabalham de forma próxima com o Orientador da Clonlara para mapear um plano educativo que encaixe nos interesses, necessidades e aspirações do aluno. Alguns tópicos de discussão incluem a escolha de matérias a estudar, como abordar a aprendizagem, recursos e materiais a usar e maneiras de garantir que a aprendizagem seja conseguida e documentada.

Pedimos aos pais dos alunos do Ensino Fundamental (Elementary) que entreguem relatórios de progresso semestrais baseados na sua avaliação da aprendizagem da criança. Os Orientadores revêem esses relatórios e retornam com comentários e sugestões conforme seja necessário.

Ao nível do Ensino Médio (High School), a Clonlara usa a Unidade Carnegie, um padrão usado por muitas escolas públicas e privadas para determinar créditos. Um aluno ganha 0,5 créditos ao completar 90 horas de atividades de aprendizagem. Assim que tenham realizado e documentado as atividades de aprendizagem, os alunos do Ensino Médio (High School) enviam Credit Request Forms (Formulários de Pedido de Créditos) para revisão do Orientador. Os alunos e os seus pais então avaliam a aprendizagem que ocorreu e emitem uma nota.

A Clonlara School mantém registos oficiais dos alunos e transcrições. Também emitimos um diploma acreditado aos alunos que cumprem os requisitos de formatura do Ensino Médio (High School). Fornecemos documentação oficial dos registos dos alunos a outras escolas, faculdades e empregadores.

O Programa Off-Campus está acreditado?

A Clonlara School orgulha-se de estar acreditada pelas seguintes organizações:

e o Conselho Nacional para Acreditação de Escolas Privadas (National Council for Private School Accreditation – NCPSA).

Quais são os requisitos de formatura do Ensino Médio (High School) que a Clonlara School exige?

Nós exigimos 22 créditos académicos – 9 dos quais são escolhidos pelo aluno. Os alunos têm que realizar horas de serviço comunitário/voluntariado, um exame de saída e uma lista de leitura.

Onde vivem os alunos?

O Programa Off-Campus da Clonlara serve alunos do Pré-Escolar (Kindergarten – K) ao Ensino Médio (High School) por todos os Estados Unidos e em vários países um pouco por todo o mundo. No ano escolar de 2014-2015, tivemos alunos dos EUA e de 37 outros países. Também operamos uma escola privada (Campus) em Ann Arbor, Michigan, que alunos frequentam diariamente.

Há quanto tempo existe a Clonlara School?

A Clonlara School foi fundada em 1967 pela Professora Doutora Pat Montgomery com o objetivo de empoderar os alunos a participar no desenho e aplicação das suas próprias educações. O Programa Off-Campus existe desde 1979. A nossa missão é proporcionar programas e serviços que reconheçam e apoiem a curiosidade, forças e interesses dos alunos como a fundação da sua experiência educativa. O coração da filosofia da Clonlara é que a aprendizagem acontece de variadas formas e que muitas atividades e experiências de vida podem ser consideradas como parte integrante da educação do aluno.

Quanto custa o Programa Off-Campus?

Consulte o preçário

Quanto custa o material educativo?

Os custos variam de acordo com os interesses do aluno, tipo de aprendizagem e, claro, as possibilidades da família. Os nossos Orientadores trabalham em proximidade consigo e fazem recomendações de recursos baseados no orçamento do aluno e da família. Existem muitos recursos educacionais gratuitos disponíveis através de bibliotecas, museus e websites!

- Quando me posso matricular?

Em qualquer altura! O Programa Off-Campus Brasileiro oferece o ano escolar americano (Academic Year – Setembro a Junho) e o ano escolar brasileiro (Calendar Year – fevereiro a novembro).

Online Program (in English)

What is the Clonlara School Online Program?

It is a quality online curriculum for students in grades 5 – 12 with access to a teacher who provides ongoing feedback to student work and is available to answer questions. Clonlara’s Online Program also includes enrollment in our Off-Campus Program which provides an academic Advisor for each student.

How much teacher interaction will my son/daughter have?

Teacher interaction varies by course and student needs. Teachers review the work as students complete lessons and they make comments and answer questions.

What are the course offerings?

There are 82 high school level courses and 26 middle school level courses with detailed descriptions in our Middle School and High School course catalogs. Additionally, with the guidance and counseling of a Off-Campus Program Advisor, students will create a course of their own design.

How much does it cost?

Tuition and fees for enrollment in the Online Program range from $570 – $4,000 depending on the grade level and number of students enrolling in your family. See Tuition & Fees for more details. Full time enrollment for high school students includes: the ability to earn 6 credits, online curriculum for 5 courses which the student chooses, support for one self-designed course, an academic advisor, a teacher for each course, official accredited documentation of credits and full access to Off-Campus Program services.

Can I just take one course?

Yes, it is possible to take just one course. Students who are fully enrolled in one of our Off-Campus Program or Campus School options can take individual courses for an additional fee. Please contact our Enrollment Associate for details about individual course enrollment: 734-769-4511 or enrollment@clonlara.org.

What happens if I try it and I do not like it?

New full time or one semester students may receive a 75% refund within 30 days of course activation. Note that registration and license fees are not refundable. See our Online Program Refund Policy for more information. There is no refund after 30 days, but self-motivated students who want to abandon an online course will have the option of developing their own replacement curriculum and completing the course as an independent study.

What kind of student does well in Clonlara's Online Program?

Students who want to take charge of their own educations, students who like to read and want to work with a structured program will appreciate the “ready-to-go” curriculum materials and links to interesting websites. Students can progress at their own pace, and study anywhere they are in the world, at any time of the day or night.

Is the program accredited?

Clonlara School is a fully accredited private school that provides a fully accredited transcript for credits earned.

Can credits I earned at another school count toward my diploma?

Yes, Clonlara will transfer credits from another accredited school and count them toward earning a high school diploma. Clonlara graduation requirements will need to be fulfilled before the diploma is granted.

How do I enroll?

An Enrollment Associate is ready to help you! Please call (734) 769-4511.