Graduation Portfolio Guidelines

Every Clonlara student must submit a Graduation Portfolio as a requirement for graduation.
Your Graduation Portfolio should be a reflection of your individual high school experience with Clonlara. This is your chance to showcase your talents and abilities, educational activities, greatest achievements, and personal growth.
A portfolio can contain writing samples, artwork, math calculations, science lab reports, an annotated reading list, photos documenting your academic and non-academic pursuits, brochures from field trips, certificates of achievement, your resume, letters of recommendation, and anything else that highlights what you take pride in and/or demonstrates your personal and academic advancement. Be creative. The sky is the limit!
Your Graduation Portfolio can be formatted in a variety of ways. Some popular formats include: scrapbook, flash drive, CD, DVD, and web pages. For all formats, please remember to date each item and label its significance; whether you arrange your portfolio chronologically or by subject area, it should tell a cohesive story about your educational experience.
If you send your portfolio as an email attachment or on a flash memory device, CD, or DVD, be sure to save it in a format that is compatible with Windows 7 and can be opened with Windows Media Player, Adobe Reader or one of the following Microsoft Office 2013 Products: Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint or OneNote. Images should be in one of these formats: JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF or BMP. Contact us first if you have questions about your chosen portfolio format.
One of the greatest benefits of compiling a physical or digital portfolio is the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment it gives students. You will look over the samples of your work and reminders of your activities and say, “Wow! I did all that?” and, “I sure have improved!”

Some helpful portfolio resources: Keep in mind that this is just one example of one approach to creating a portfolio. It is not intended to serve as a template or to limit your originality as you create your own portfolio. – outstanding example of an e-portfolio (created by one of our students, who granted permission to share it) – another outstanding example of an e-portfolio (created by another student, who also granted permission to share) – LiveBinders free e-portfolio creation tool – Portfoliogen is another free portfolio creation site