International Program Graduation Requirements

Academic Requirements – 22 credits

International students who are enrolled in Clonlara School must study four years of their own language (their mother tongue), including grammar, composition and language arts.  Clonlara requires these students to study a minimum of two years of English, as well.  International students must study the history of their country of citizenship, country of residence, European History, or World History. Please talk to your Advisor as to which is most appropriate in your particular circumstances.

Subject Area Required Courses Credits Required
(Mother tongue)
Language & Literature 4.0
Speech 0.5
English 2.0
Science 3.0
Mathematics Mathematics 2.0
Social Studies History 1.0
 “ Government 0.5
 “ Geography 0.5
Physical Fitness 1.5
Electives Student’s Choice of Topics 7.0
Total Academic Credits 22.0

Non-Academic Requirements:

In addition to the credit requirements in academic subjects, Clonlara School students:

  • Submit Portfolio of Work
  • Complete Clonlara Exit Exam
  • Submission of a Reading List
  • Community Service*

*Note – requires 180 total hours or 45 hours per year of enrollment for transfer students; religious and family service hours are limited to 36 total hours or 9 hours per year.

General Requirements

Prospective graduates must earn a minimum of 5.5 credits from Clonlara School to be eligible for graduation.

Before enrolling as a Senior, please read Clonlara’s Senior Class Enrollment Policy.

Please Note:

Most students earn between 5-6 credits per year. Students looking to accelerate their learning may earn up to 9 credits per year.  Electives may be in a variety of areas – imagination and resources are the only limitations!

Carnegie Credit Units (180 hours = 1 credit unit) are used as the basis for Clonlara School credit.  In addition to the credit requirements in academic subjects, Clonlara School students read from an extensive reading list and complete at least 180 hours of service to their communities.  It is recommended that students hold a job for pay before graduation.  Graduating students submit a portfolio of their experiences and work and must successfully complete an exit examination.


If you are an enrolled student, please speak with your Clonlara Advisor for more detailed information on your progress toward graduation and specific requirements you have left to fulfill.

If you are a prospective student, please call us at (734) 769-4511 and ask to speak with an Enrollment Associate.