Tuition & Fees for Off-Campus Program

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REGISTRATION FEE (per academic year)

  • $200 First student
  • $50 Each additional student


TUITION (per academic year)

  • $825 For each Elementary Student (grades K-8)
  • $1,200 For each High School Student (grades 9-12)
  • $2,200 For a New Senior*

ADDITIONAL FEES (per academic year)

  • $100  International student fee
  • $150  Graduation fee


*This rate applies to high school students who were not enrolled in Clonlara the previous school year and who wish to graduate the first year they enroll. Contact an Enrollment Associate to enroll. Also be sure to review Clonlara’s Senior Policy.

Payment plans are also available for the tuition portion of the amount due.

The following programs follow a different tuition structure. Refer to these pages for more detail:

Online Program
Summer Credit Program
Short Term Program
Blended Program

Tuition Includes:

  • Educational guidance and support from a Clonlara Advisor
  • Clonlara’s Elementary and/or Secondary Education Guide.
  • Official, private school records, documentation and transcripts.
  • Accredited diploma upon completion of Clonlara’s graduation requirements.
  • Access to the Clonlara Commons our web portal contains online forms and enables high school students to view their transcripts.
  • Tuition is paid in total at any time of enrollment and covers the full year


International Fee Due upon enrollment. New Families: $100 for each enrolled student. Applies only to families with mailing addresses outside the US, its territories or an APO or FPO.

Late Fee $25 for missed deadlines on services which specify a deadline.

Rush Feefor short notice and urgent services.

504 Plans /Special Needs Documentation — $250.

Non Routine Documentation — $50/hour.


Apostille Document Preparation $100 per document submitted for the Great Seal of the State of Michigan. Examples of possible documents may include Clonlara transcripts or diplomas.

Language Translation or Non-Routine Documentation $50/hour.


Throughout the enrollment process, we do our best to ensure that families understand the time commitment and collaborative nature of our Program. If, however, you decide that the Program is not meeting your needs, here are the terms for tuition refunds.


Tuition is non-refundable when a student has been enrolled in the Off-Campus Program during the previous school year. (i.e., 2016-17 tuition is non-refundable for those enrolled in the 2015-16 school year).

New Enrollees

(New enrollees include students who enrolled for non-consecutive years.)

We understand that new enrollees need time to digest what it means to embark on the self-design of a curriculum and education plan, since this may be a brand new type of experience. We give new enrollees time to familiarize themselves with their Clonlara Education Guides and have a personal consultation with their Advisor.

  • New enrollees have an option to withdraw within 45 days from the date of enrollment or from the first day of school, whichever is later.
  • Tuition refunds are not issued if Clonlara has provided verification of enrollment to any party at any time. In this event, any unpaid balance remains due.
  • All other fees and services are non-refundable. This includes, but is not limited to Home School Credit Review, short-term enrollment, summer program enrollment, graduation application, etc.

Written Notice Required

  • Notification must be made in writing to Clonlara’s Enrollment Associate of your intent to withdraw. Notice may sent by fax: (734) 769-9629 or email:
  • It is strongly recommended that your notification be submitted in a manner that ensures that Clonlara receives your request.
  • All postmarks must be within 45 days of enrollment or by the first day of school, whichever is later. This includes weekends and holidays.

Materials Returned

Families must return their Clonlara Education Guide(s) and student ID card(s) to the attention of Clonlara’s Registrar before tuition refunds will be issued.


Tuition Refunds Made as Follows:

  • If you have paid tuition in full – and officially withdraw within 45 days as outlined above, we will refund 75 percent of the tuition you have already paid. Registration fees and overseas fees are non-refundable.
  • If you used the payment plan – and officially withdraw within 45 days as outlined above, we will refund 75 percent of your tuition. Clonlara will cancel and/or reverse charges on any subsequent payments that are scheduled. Registration fees and overseas fees are non-refundable.
  • Refunds will be issued — in the same manner in which payment was made. Please allow up to 2 weeks to process refunds.



Clonlara School reserves the right to change tuition and fees at any time