Off Site Summer Credit Program – 9-12

Enrollment opens March 1, 2016


Summer Program Information:

Students who are continuously enrolled in Clonlara’s Off-Campus Program do not have to pay for the Summer Program between their school years at Clonlara.  Summer tuition is included for all of our fully enrolled students in their re-enrollment for the following year.

Need credit recovery?  Want to study something unusual?  Going to sail around the world?  Going to an academic or arts camp?  Just want to lock yourself up in your room and read all summer?  Call us to see how to turn your natural drive to learn into high school credits.

The Summer Program enrollment runs March 1 – June 30.

High School students at both public and private schools, who are not already enrolled with us, can undertake independent study over the summer and have Clonlara credits applied to their regular high school transcripts.  Students create individual course titles and develop ideas for course content for each subject. They can take more than one course to earn from .5 to 2 full credits.

Tuition is $685 and includes registration, tuition, and credit transfer to the student’s regular high school.

Coursework can be based upon independent study, one or more summer academic or experiential learning programs,  travel, a summer job, an internship, or other creative endeavors.  The student uses a Clonlara School Verification for Credit form to have the credits pre-approved by their home high school. This insures that the credits will count toward their graduation requirements.

Students can also purchase online program curriculum if they want a structured course to take over the summer: Online Program

Who are the students?

Students enroll from all over the United States, in grades 9-12, at public schools and private schools.

Some students:

  • have fallen behind and need credit recovery.
  • are academically accelerated and want to take unusual courses or work on more advanced subjects.
  • want to try homeschooling or independent study for the first time.
  • have  summer plans that are credit worthy.

Some students want to work alone, others in groups, take a summer program, travel, work at a job, develop a project, do community service for credit, study music, art, theater, sports, more.

Almost any undertaking over the summer can be developed into credit worthy learning. Look at what you love to do, learn as much as you can about it, make connections with other people, places, and things, and you have the foundation for credit. Document the materials, experiences, and time spent immersed in any topic, identify what is new and interesting to you about it, and you are on your way.



$685 – includes Clonlara tuition, registration and credit transfer fees.

Clonlara School enrollment does not include fees incurred by travel, academic programs, or summer camps a student may choose to attend.

Before enrolling, students should download the Summer Credit Verification Form and have it filled out and signed by a guidance counselor or other official at the school to which the credits will be transferred.

Once we receive the Summer Credit Verification Form and the Registration Form with a tuition payment, we can complete the enrollment process and assign an advisor to the student.


Please call (734) 769-4511 and ask to speak with an Enrollment Associate or send us a message.