F-1 visa – SEVIS Certified School

International students who are English proficient can enroll directly with Clonlara School.  (those that are non-proficient in English should visit our YCAP page).

Clonlara School Campus Program is a SEVIS certified school that can issue the paperwork (Form I-20) for an international student to apply for an F-1 visa.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss a match between an international student and our campus program.  Having international students enriches the learning community and allows all students an opportunity to participate in something unique.  We learn from each other!!

Our process begins with a phone consultation and if Clonlara seems to be a match the follow steps would be followed:

  1. If possible a campus tour is conducted
  2. Application and necessary documentation is turned into the school with applicable fees
  3. Acceptance of the students (including a formal letter)
  4. Clonlara School administrator would enroll student and create a Form I-20
  5. Clonlara School will send the completed Form I-20 to the student
  6. The student takes the Form I-20 to the embassy in their country and files both the Form I-20 and Form I-901, and pays the I-901 fee
  7. After various waiting periods, the country will either issue an F-1 visa or deny the application.  If the F-1 visa is issued, it will be issued from the embassy
  8. International student fee is paid and tuition payments are scheduled and begin, homestay is organized (Clonlara contracts with Ameristudent);
  9. The student may then attend Clonlara School Campus Program

This process can take up to 6 months for some countries.

Annual International Student Fee (in addition to tuition): $3,000