YCAP – Youth International / Clonlara Academic Program for International Students

YCAP is a unique program offered by Clonlara School and is made possible because of its partnership with the Youth International program through the Universal English Language Insitute. We offer extra English language support through this program, along with the unique classroom academic experience.

Your student will enroll in both the Youth International and Clonlara School Campus Programs. Initially your student will be directly supported in their English language skill development with Youth International staff ON the Clonlara campus. This support is in addition to their academic classes, with a slightly modified schedule.  Credit for high school students will be granted for both the English language portion and class portions of the YCAP program.

Our YCAP program is open to 12-17 year olds who want to study in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Applicants do pay tuition to both the Youth International and Clonlara School Campus Programs. Once you are admitted to both programs, Clonlara School supplies all the I-20 and accompanying paperwork to apply for your F-1 Student Visa. Clonlara School is a SEVIS approved school.

Fees for the Clonlara School portion of YCAP

$250 registration fee (covering up to four semesters)  – due at the tine application is submitted and it is non-refundable

$3,000 International Student Fee (covering up to four semesters) – due in full upon visa approval, also non-refundable once paid

$10,000 per semester (enroll in up to four semesters at a time – pay options are available) – contractual obligation, terms agreed upon after visa is issued, non-refundable once tuition contract is executed

$100 field trip fee per semester (enroll in up to for semesters at a time and excludes overnight/traveling trips) – non-refundable

Fees for the Youth International Program can be found by clicking HERE

Credit Distribution

In order to graduate from Clonlara School, students must meet our graduation requirements.  Credits will be issued based on the following schedule:

1st semester in YCAP – credit for completed Youth International courses and potential Clonlara classes completed

Subsequent semesters – credit will be granted for all Clonlara classes completed


While studying in the YCAP program, students live with carefully selected homestay families in the Ann Arbor area.  We use Ameristudent to handle all of the screening of host families, placement of the student (family matching), homestay, transportation, food, guardianship, insurance and 24/7 support form the Ameristudent staff.  Typically you can expect to pay about $14,000 per academic year (10 months).